Download Free Slam Stick Lab Software + example recording files

1. Slam Stick Lab software

  • Configure Slam Stick data loggers
  • Import and display data
  • Vibration analysis - FFT, PSD and spectrogram
  • Comprehensive unit conversions
  • Export data to .CSV (Excel readable)
  • Split large .IDE files
  • Convert .IDE files to  MATLAB® files

2. Example Recording Files from 4-Part Video Series 

These examples are taken from a 4-Part Video Series and show two different demonstrations for shock testing and one demonstration for vibration testing. Three different Slam Sticks are used to highlight the range of product offerings:


Link to How-To Videos

3. Supporting MATLAB and Python Vibration Analysis Functions

Slam Stick Lab can directly convert a Slam Stick recording file to MATLAB.  Data can also be exported to CSV.  These MATLAB and Python functions offer some examples on how to load data, apply calibration, perform some preliminary analysis (moving RMS, FFT, spectrogram) and plot the data.

4. Supporting Command Line Utilities

Midé’s .IDE file format is optimized for high performance on the device; but the file format can be cumbersome to parse through for the average user.  These utilities, which can be run from the command line, allow a user to directly convert a .IDE recording file to .MAT, .CSV, or .TXT so that the data is accessible with simple sensor arrays.

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